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How to increase your mobile conversions

During the past few years, mobile digital marketing has rapidly increased in importance and this trend is set to continue into 2018. It is expected that over the next year the majority of visits to websites, across multiple industries, will be from mobile devices. In fact, Google has already reported that most searches are already conducted on a mobile device. If you have a website which is optimised for mobile use, you are probably finding that many of your customers search your site using a smartphone or tablet. However, it is time to think ahead and plan how you can turn these browsers into long-term customers. Here we offer some tips on how to increase mobile conversions.

Effective calls to action

Your website probably already has a number of call to action points. But, when it comes to mobile visitors, people are less likely to click through on your lead generation campaigns. Calls to action for mobile devices should be exciting, create urgency and offer a benefit which is relevant to the visitor. On key buttons within your website describe what benefit visitors will receive by clicking and make it time sensitive. For example, “Find out how to boost your click through rate today.” This will indicate to visitors that they can benefit immediately by clicking your button.

Fast checkout processes

If you run an eCommerce website it is important to create a simple, streamlined, mobile checkout process. In the past, customers have been comfortable with completing purchases on a desktop view, but a stripped down mobile version with smaller buttons can make it more difficult. If you want to ensure your visitors purchase from you and not a competitor, all forms should be simple and quick, and where possible offer a one click purchase for returning customers.

Introduce Google Pay

There’s also been a rising number of people choosing to use Google Pay. This is a Google feature which stores the payment information of users to create instant purchasing. This payment option is becoming essential for any mobile website looking to increase sales conversions during 2018.

Increase mobile conversions – where to find out more

If you think your business could benefit from increased mobile conversions, please contact us today, we will be happy to analyse your current site.

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