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Why do people insist on DIY marketing?

EXPERIENCE - EXPERTISE - KNOWLEDGE The EEK! factor - it's what sets us aside.

Why do experienced business people manage their own marketing when they wouldn’t dream of creating their terms of sale contracts without a lawyer, creating their end of year business financial accounts without an accountant, creating their own contract of employment without an HR specialist?

As business owners, directors, managers, we look to industry professionals to make sure that we get it right and that we’re safe. But when it comes to

No more diy marketing - call in a specialist for digital marketing
Call in a specialist

websites, SEO, social media, the marketing industry appears to have wooed everybody into a false sense of security by offering DIY marketing tools. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with most online marketing platforms, but just because I can buy the tools to remove and replace a boiler in my house doesn’t mean I have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to do it myself, so why is marketing any different? For my boiler I call on a specialist plumber who can do it faster, more efficiently and because I know I’ll make expensive mistakes if I try to do it myself (!), much more cost effectively.

But when it comes to online marketing this thought process seems to be missing. We’re regularly called in to ‘help’ with a DIY project that just hasn’t worked quite as it should have. And it’s not because the people that have decided to manage their own marketing are stupid, far from it, they are in business because they are smart, have a good instinct for their business, have the experience, expertise and knowledge to be successful. But they’ve been lured by the prospect of saving time and money by ‘simply’ using an online solution to DIY their marketing. This isn’t a criticism of the tools, it’s just not having the knowledge and experience to use them effectively.

When we’re asked to help it can be a relief to the business managers as well as a solution. We can get things back up and running quickly and effectively to take the pressure off so the people that started this can get on with their day jobs, focus on their business and continue building the business that they know and love.

My advice “Don’t DIY when you can tap into the EEK and get it done well and done right.”

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