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Why WordPress website support agencies are just like the office maintenance team!

Why WordPress website support agencies are just like the office maintenance team

What happens when your WordPress website support disappears?

Why are WordPress website support agencies are just like the office maintenance team? This analogy came to me when I was approached by a distraught MD whose website had ‘gone away’. Turns out that his support agency had also gone away and was no longer trading leaving his WordPress website to fend for itself. Which left him in the lurch. His website was still there but no prospects or customers could view it and he had no idea how to access it to fix.

Websites need constant maintenance

So why the office maintenance team analogy? It occurred to me that when you are working in an office ‘things just get done’. The radiators get fixed, the loose light fitting gets replaced or secured, windows get painted, leaks get sorted. And this MD had signed up with a WordPress website support agency to keep his website working – and by working, I mean free from security issues, updated and generally managed and maintained on a regular basis. Just like office maintenance it all happened in the background. He was aware it was happening but didn’t have to worry about what, when, where & why as ‘website things just got done’.

I just thought my website support agency were taking a break. I didn’t realise they had shut up shop without telling me!

Web “things” just need to happen

As he said ‘I know what they do generally but I don’t want to or need to do it myself’. A bit like the office maintenance team, you know it’s being done but you only realise they’ve stopped doing it when the light switch stops working or the paint starts peeling or you can’t get in the office because the front door lock is damaged.  Just like my MD whose website ‘front door’ had jammed and wouldn’t let him or his visitors view. That’s why you need to have ‘web things’ just happening without any hassle.

Website checking and tweaking

And this MDs ‘gone away’ website? The good news is that we got his website up and running again and are now keeping it maintained by checking regularly and updating to ensure secure and solid operation. While looking we also spotted some issues and tweaked a few things that upped his site speed and his Google SEO ranking. So a website that now works and has seen an increase in visitors.

WordPress website support agencies – find out more

We provide a range of WordPress website support options from a one-off check to identify any issues and advise on any steps you need to take through to regular maintenance and content updating.

Lost your WordPress website support?  Get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your email marketing campaigns.


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