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Top tips for improving your web design

Top tips for improving your website design

Designing, building and managing websites can prove difficult when you don’t take optimisation into account. The entire design of a website should feed into the user experience in a way that adds functionality and complements the content it contains. If your website has a high bounce rate it could be the case that users find it difficult to navigate or they cannot quickly comprehend what your business actually does. Here are our top tips for improving your website design and turning more visitors into customers.

Map out the buying journey

Before building any website, it’s important to have a plan in place to meet visitor requirements. This entails mapping out the entire buying journey, so that it’s easy for visitors to become converted customers. Conducting research with current customers is one way to help understand your sales funnel and create a plan that will nurture your visitors through the entire buying procedure.

Social media sharing buttons

Adding buttons for sharing your content on social media adds a further sales dimension to your site and helps your customers share information and offers with their contacts quickly and easily.

Use real images

Include real images of your product or services on your website, if at all possible. Stock photographs often don’t have a genuine appearance, so if you can go and add photos of your products, workplace or staff to impart confidence to your visitors


Good navigation is key to great website design and enables visitors to move quickly and easily throughout your site.

Calls to Action

Adding calls to action (CTA) throughout your website helps guide visitors on to the next step in the sales funnel or education process. Your CTA should provide users with quick links to informative materials which will educate them about your products or services. Once visitors identify your site as a knowledge base they will be far more likely to come back, or even buy from you. Spammy CTA that immediately click through to purchase links should be avoided, as potential customers really need to be nurtured and encouraged throughout any sales funnel.

Website design – top tips – where to find out more

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