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4 ways to make email marketing work for your business

The average person can receive anything from 10 to 100 different brand marketing emails a day – so when it comes to your email marketing, it’s important to stand out from the other companies you’re vying for inbox space with. If you’re wondering how to make email marketing work for your business, here are a few things to consider before you hit send:

Think about the value

When sending a marketing email, think about what you’re offering from the perspective of your customers – if they get something out of opening your message, then they’re much more likely to pay attention. From exclusive email-based offers to value-add articles or information, your emails should benefit your customer in some way if they are to be successful.

Know your audience

A clear idea of the demographic and age range of your audience can be vital to knowing how to produce appropriate, engaging emails. For example, if your business is targeted at millennial and younger consumers, using emoji and on-trend language is appropriate to draw your customers in – but the same doesn’t apply if your audience is corporate industry or an older demographic.

Make it impactful

How often do you sit down and look at your emails in depth, in comparison to a quick glance at your phone? To catch your potential customer’s attention, an impactful message that can be conveyed in seconds is key. Whether it’s a title that draws you in or a design that encourages you to read more, an impactful marketing email will get far more traffic.

Keep it on-brand

Whether you’re promoting a new product or reminding your customers of an upcoming offer or sale, it’s essential to keep your style or marketing on-brand. Anything from your style of writing to the colours used within your marketing contributes to your brand image as a whole. You want potential customers to be able to see what your business is and what they’re reading about in seconds.

How to make email marketing work for your business – where to find out more

If you’re looking for a company who can create engaging, impactful email marketing campaigns your customers will love, contact us today to find out how our services can make email marketing work for your business.

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