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3 reasons email marketing is smart for your small business

Email marketing is a digital advertising strategy that connects your business with millions of internet users via email delivery. Just think about how many times people check their emails a day. This makes email marketing a smart and effective way for small businesses to market. By adding email marketing to your digital marketing strategy, your business can improve its visibility and reach, allowing you to convert more leads and engage customers on a consistent basis. Not totally convinced? Then check out these additional reasons why email marketing is smart for your small business.

1. It’s affordable

If you’ve ever tried online ads or traditional marketing techniques such as flyers, you know that the costs can mount up. Some of your efforts may go unnoticed. People may browse past or even block your online ad, or throw out your flyers, whereas an email will go directly to your customer’s hands. In a nutshell, email marketing allows you to connect with your customer base in an easy, quick and low-cost manner!

In addition to its low cost, email marketing also provides a high return on investment. According to statistics, every £1 that is spent on email marketing typically generates around £40 in ROI. This indicates the cost-effectiveness of email marketing for businesses, especially those small businesses who have a smaller budget.

2. You can reach more mobile customers

We cannot ignore mobile when it comes to the importance of email marketing. The number of consumers using mobile continues to soar every year, and that won’t slow down. With two-thirds of emails being read on tablets or smartphones, email marketing proves to be an effective tactic to help your business reach and engage with those using mobile devices.

3. You can automate the email marketing process

There are many digital marketing processes that can’t be automated. However, email marketing works well for automation. Automating your emails helps improve the relevance and timeliness of your campaign. You can make use of workflows and triggers to automatically send messages to consumers after they have undertaken a specific action. Email marketing automation can also help save you both money and time in the process, so your small business can focus on expansion and other important factors.

Why email marketing is smart for your small business – where to find out more

If you’re interested in building a successful email marketing campaign for your small business today, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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