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How to improve your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective when run properly, allowing you to access a wide customer base and provide your audience with important information about your brand and products, while encouraging them to make purchases. However, organising and running a successful email marketing campaign can be a challenge, especially for people new to this type of promotion. People can get hundreds of emails a day, and often these messages only get a split second of attention before being glossed over, especially if the email seems to be just another piece of marketing spam. Therefore, it is essential that your email marketing campaigns are designed properly in order to make them effective. Our experts have put together a few tips on how to improve your email marketing campaigns, and transform these promotions into increased sales.

1. Know your audience

One of the quickest ways for an email to be ignored is when it obviously has no relevance to the person receiving it. An incredibly common mistake that companies make is to simply send the same email to everyone on their subscriber list. An impersonal message will not get results, so your email marketing campaign can quickly be improved by segregating your subscribers, only sending them things that are relevant, and creating tailored emails to these groups. Basic ways of categorising your audience include gender, age and geography; products or services in which they’ve shown interest in the past; or market sector;  but the more specific and relevant you can make your messages, the more likely the audience will respond positively.

2. Short and sweet really works

Most people want to know the important information straight away, and will just ignore emails that contain large chunks of text. In our current demand and instant gratification generation, your subscribers don’t want to look at a spreadsheet or a list of figures; give them the salient information as concisely as possible.

3. Outsource if things aren’t going well

If you find that your email marketing campaigns are not working as expected, then it may be time to get outside help from professionals. By having a team of experts designing, distributing and managing your campaign, you are likely to get far better results. Equally, a professional outsourced marketing team will be able to provide you with analytics and reports throughout the campaign, allowing you to make more informed decisions going forwards.

How to improve your email marketing campaigns – where to find out more

If you’d like some help with creating or managing effective email campaigns, please get in touch. We can design and create emails for you to send, or we can manage the whole process of sending regular email campaigns to your target audiences, ensuring regular communication is going out to your customers and prospects, especially if you don’t have time to manage this yourself.

Read our Email Marketing Campaigns page to see what sort of packages we offer.

Or get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your email marketing campaigns.


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