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Why your current lead generation campaign isn’t working

Why your current lead generation campaign isn't working.

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C business, one thing is for sure; in order to maintain a healthy bottom line, you need a steady stream of leads. Good quality leads can help boost your bottom line and increase your conversion rate, but lead generation isn’t as simple as generic email marketing. It involves communicating with your audience in the right way and knowing who you’re talking to. If your lead generation campaign isn’t proving to be as fruitful as you’d hoped, your business may be making one of the following mistakes.

You’re communicating in the dark

Working in the dark is pretty much impossible, and trying multiple strategies at the same time isn’t going to improve the situation. If you’re unsure who to target then you need to assess your data. Who is your core audience? What do they need from you? Once you know that, you’ll be much better placed to offer them something they need. If you don’t have the required data, try one tactic at a time. It’s important that you leave enough time for the results to work themselves out; dumping a strategy too early could result in you missing out on some good leads. It may take time, but it will give you a clear picture of which strategies work, and which ones don’t, allowing you to create more focused and streamlined campaigns in the future.

Weak online presence

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing are just two of the aspects you need to think about when building a strong online presence. If you’re not there when potential customers search for a service or product you provide, it’s highly unlikely that your strategy is going to work. Before progressing with lead generation, you have to make sure you do the ground work. That involves becoming an authority within your sector. Think about speaking wherever you can and guest post on other sites. You may even want to offer white papers. Ultimately it’s about building up a relationship with your target audience before you try to sell them something. By establishing a strong relationship through engaging content, you’ll be building up confidence in your brand.

Your lead generation campaign isn’t mapped out

Lead generation doesn’t necessarily work like other marketing techniques which have a beginning and end date. Instead it should be continuously switched on and systematic. A good  process will be mapped from the start, right until the closing stage. It will also be supported by technology, people and metrics. Lead generation is there to help you establish who your core audience is so you can market to them effectively, so it’s a good idea to think of it like a supply chain that has to perform constantly in order to produce fully qualified leads.

Lead generation – where to get more help

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