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How to use keywords to target your audience

The correct use of keywords is not as simple as filling a web page with words that relate to your business. Keywords should be strategically placed in the body of the text. They should be relevant and naturally flow with the content, and should include common terms, related words, and business-specific terms. The strategic and accurate utilisation of keywords will drive quality traffic to your website, which will help increase your sales. In this article we look at how to use keywords to target and attract high quality traffic to your website.

High clicks and high priority

Did you know that keywords have different levels of priority in their ability to rank? To maximise the success of search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, use keywords that are easier to rank for and attract more volume. If you’re choosing your keywords yourself, you can subscribe to keyword research tools that will help you come up with a list of keywords and their degree of difficulty for ranking. However, the best way to find out which keywords will generate the highest clicks is to ask your marketing specialist.

Use specific and related keywords

Your keywords should directly reflect the product or service that you’re selling. Aim for descriptive words and words that relate to your keywords. For example, an apartment complex might include attractive amenities, such as a pool or a gym. Referring to these as a ‘community pool’ or an ‘on-site gym’ adds distinction to your descriptions. They become more specific and help set you apart. The use of related words such as ‘swimming’ or ‘exercise’ will broaden your reach, enabling more customers to find your business.

Target high-quality traffic

What is the difference between high-quality traffic and low-quality traffic? Put simply, high-quality traffic generates leads, and low-quality traffic does not. The strategically accurate use of keywords will help generate high-quality traffic that can turn website visits into sales by targeting customers who are searching to buy what you’re offering. Keyword research allows you to find keywords that relate to your business and are popular in your targeted demographics, leading to higher quality keyword usage. If your website utilises keywords that aren’t high-quality, your leads won’t be either. Always remember to utilise high-quality keywords. Do your research (or let us do it for you), utilise multiple, specific, and related keywords with the highest effect.

How to use keywords – where to find out more

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