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I have had the privilege of collaborating with Mark in various capacities, including providing support for webinars, overseeing HubSpot operations, and managing Fluidic Analytics’ website. This collaborative experience has not only been exceptionally smooth but also enlightening.

Mark demonstrates a remarkable level of collaboration, engagement, and professionalism in all our endeavours. His proactive approach in planning and executing webinar marketing strategies, along with his meticulous attention to webinar logistics, has been truly commendable. Mark’s efforts have not only met but also exceeded industry benchmarks in terms of engagement rates and overall marketing success, even surpassing the performance of leading scientific marketing companies. Furthermore, Mark consistently offers innovative perspectives on webinar logistics and marketing strategy, contributing to the expansion of our audience outreach.

Recently, our website underwent a significant relaunch, and Mark played a pivotal role in its successful integration with HubSpot. He also effectively coordinated the backend marketing logistics with the website development team. Mark’s versatility in implementing a wide range of marketing skills has greatly enhanced our brand visibility and contributed significantly to our company’s overall success.

Molly Coseno Fluidic Analytics
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