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The Challenge

David Bailey Furniture Systems (DBFS) had seen a general industry downturn and needed to increase their quality inbound enquiries from a targeted audience of architects and construction companies. They needed to get more quote requests, to raise their average order value and ultimately increase sales.

The Plan

Previous marketing revolved around Google Ads and PR. We introduced a web centric approach, a social media campaign, targeted emails, updated website, a new content strategy and responsive calls to action. Essentially driving all traffic to a content rich, easy to navigate re-designed website family with a focus on delivering information to architects and contractors to make their lives easier.

The Results

The results ensured that DBFS’s revenues increased by 100% and contract values increased as the company was included in larger tender projects.

Some of the marketing activities and results from the campaign:

  • WEBSITE: Rebuilt, refocused and split into key market sectors to deliver targeted information with dynamic calls to action
  • SEO: An aggressive campaign increased organic search visits by 900% and increased page views by 600%
  • SOCAL MEDIA: Implemented a social media campaign creating new channels and managing all content
  • EMAIL MARKETING: Designing and managing distribution of newsletters and content
  • CONTENT: New content, regular articles, blogs and case studies written, created and promoted by Insight
  • MEDIA: creating infographics, animations, videos and new media for posting across all channels and websites

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What the MD says:

We have seen traffic to our website increase, been invited to tender for more and bigger contracts, and have had interest and contact from a wider audience resulting in a larger customer base. Dealing directly with agency directors that have experience of working with expanding companies and who demonstrate a commitment to our success and our values has delivered a significant impact on our sales, directly affecting our performance and growth.

Trevor Gillman, CEO, David Bailey Furniture Systems

Trevor Gillman, MD
David Bailey Furniture Systems

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