• We get your identities working, branded and noticed

  • We build your audience and relationships with the right people

  • We manage the words, images and video - you reap the rewards

....These are Insight guarantees

Social media is the new press and public relations and it's crucial for your promotion and awareness - but it is so time consuming to manage, research and generate conversations. That's what we do for you - you get on with your 'day job' and we'll generate sales leads, educate your audience, position you as an expert and engage with your followers and friends through words, images and video. We do the work you see the results!  Just call on 0843 289 3060 or email us to have a social media specialist contact you.


Twitter Activities Self Service Managed
Set up of Twitter account and ID Yes Yes
Set up of bio, profile Yes Yes
Design and upload custom Twitter page background image and personalised panel Yes Yes
Post up to 10 Tweets Yes Yes
Research and find suitable people to follow Yes Yes
Promote page to approx 2,000 Twitter users Yes Yes
Generate and Manage Daily posts   Yes
Registration with Twitter directories/websites where relevant   Yes
Manage new followers   Yes
Manage and reply to @ and dm messages   Yes
Post retweets where relevant   Yes
Create new unique content as material for Tweets   Yes
SET UP COST (one off) £500 £500
Facebook Activities Self Service Managed
Creation of Facebook Page Yes Yes
Design, produce and upload cover photo Yes Yes
Produce profile image Yes Yes
Create "About" page content Yes Yes
"Like" suitable pages Yes Yes
Post initial items to your timeline Yes Yes
Upload initial photos where relevant Yes Yes
Promote page to approx 750 potential fans Yes Yes
Post regular items to timeline, usually minimum 1 post per day recommended   Yes
Create longer "notes" posts about products, services, stories   Yes
Build timeline history if required   Yes
Creation of unique content as material for posts   Yes
Ongoing promotion of page to other Facebook groups   Yes
SET UP COST (one off) £600 £600
YouTube Activities Self Service Managed
Create YouTube channel Yes Yes
Customised channel page design Yes Yes
Promotion of YouTube channel to gain subscribers
Yes Yes
Population with initial video content (assuming this exists)
Yes Yes
Integration of YouTube channel with Facebook page if relevant
Yes Yes
Ongoing posting of new video material as provided by client
SET UP COST (one off) £350 £350

Advice and involvement in new video material will be quoted extra as required.

We can also organise video production through our video partners.

LinkedIn Company Page Self Service Managed
Create LinkedIn company page Yes Yes
Populate page with product/service information Yes Yes
Upload product videos if relevant Yes Yes
Post regular company updates eg news, new products, links to blogs etc   Yes
SET UP COST (one off) £300 £300

How does it work?

Social Media Management

More and more prospective buyers are using social media to check out potential suppliers and get a feeling for their values and personality. Many business owners and marketers want to get involved in social media to help them develop relationships with this wider audience of prospects and to engage with customers on a more personal level. But often you don't have the time, or don't know how to get started. It's all so confusing with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, and lots of others - what to start with? What to use each one for?

Thankfully, we can help you by setting up the most suitable social media channels for your business, and then managing the day to day postings, finding and responding to followers and developing suitable content for posts.

Call on 0843 289 3060 or email us to have a social media specialist contact you.

What does our social media service include?
  • Allocate a dedicated account manager who understands your business and your objectives
  • Set up your social media online IDs
  • Research suitable people to follow
  • Put together a schedule of what is to be posted and when - this is our management tool throughout your campaign
  • Post daily to an agreed level on your various social media channels
  • Mix post content to include materials you supply us with or materials we produce for you
  • Respond to follower and fan comments
  • Where appropriate, we will also report on the statistics of response, clicks, impressions, audience reach, reputation and interaction

Call on 0843 289 3060 or email us to have a social media specialist contact you.

What sort of content will we post?

Typical content could include any of the following but we’ll work with you to define and develop the right material for the right channel:

  • articles
  • blogs
  • news
  • photos
  • customer testimonials
  • new products and services
  • staff news, eg promotions, retirements
  • community news, eg charity work or donations, sponsorships
  • opinion on topical subjects
  • replies to other posts to generate conversations
  • questions

Call on 0843 289 3060 or email us to have a social media specialist contact you.

Managed Service or Self Service?

When you need to ensure that you are maximising social media a managed service is ideal because of the focus and activity that is guaranteed. But if you have the internal resources that can dedicate time to daily social media then self service will be great for you.

Managed Social Media Package

If you want us to manage the whole social media activity on your behalf, you'll want the managed package. We'll allocate a dedicated account manager who understands your business and your objectives and who will plan your ongoing social media content. We'll do all the same set up activities to get your social media accounts going, then we'll post content on your behalf, and manage replies and followers. Most of our clients pick this option, because they don't have the time to keep on top of social media on a daily basis. You may want the option to post content yourself from time to time and this is all possible with the managed package. We'll also report on engagement, reach, reputation, clicks and follower statistics.

View our handy table below to compare typical packages and select the package that suits you best. These are typical packages, with typical prices, but If your requirements don't exactly match one of the packages below, we can tailor one to work just for you.

Call on 0843 289 3060 or email us to have a social media specialist contact you.


Self Service Social Media Package

If you just want us to set up your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn pages, find followers and get you started, you'll want the self service option. Once we've got the pages set up for you, and posted some content, we hand it over to you and you do all the posting yourself. This package is fine if you have the time and inclination to manage your social media campaign yourself.

Call on 0843 289 3060 or email us to have a social media specialist contact you.